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تیتان R900

نام ماده: دی اکسید تیتانیوم
فرمول شیمیایی: Tio2
گرید: R900
ویژگی ظاهری: پودر سفید رنگ
برند: دوپونت
نوع بسته بندی: کیسه 25 کیلوگرمی

Titanium dioxide is a white solid inorganic chemical formula that is stable to heat, non-flammable and poorly soluble.

The most important areas of application are titanium dioxide, lacquer, paper and plastic, accounting for about 2 percent of the world's titanium dioxide consumption. Other uses of pigments such as textile printing, fibers, rubber, cosmetics and food are 2%. Others are used in other applications, such as the production of pure titanium, glass and glass ceramics, electrical ceramics, catalysts, electrical conductors and chemical intermediates. There are also many red candies.

Titan is used as an additive or bleach in many food, health care and personal care products.

It is used as a harmless pigment due to its scattering and absorption of sunlight in the manufacture of sunscreen.