Material Name: Ethyl Vinyl Acetate
Chemical formula: EVA-28025
20-25 = MFI Grid: 28025
Appearance: Transparent Granule
Brand: Honam
Package Type: 25kg bag

Ethylene vinyl acetate, or EVA, is a copolymer made of ethylene and vinyl acetate, also known as polyethylene vinyl acetate or PEVA.
EVA types:

EVAs are divided into three categories based on the weight percent of vinyl acetate available. The first category is a type of polyethylene containing about 4% vinyl acetate, which is termed polyethylene modified with vinyl acetate. This material, which is generally non-toxic, is suitable for film production because of its flexibility and gloss.
The second group is copolymers with a weight percent of vinyl acetate ranging from 4 to 30%, which is a type of thermoplastic elastomer. Another type of material contains more than 40% vinyl acetate, known as ethylene vinyl acetate.
EVA polymer applications:
One of the major uses of EVA is the production of EVA glue, shoe soles, and so on.
Other uses of this material include use in medical engineering as a drug delivery and use in the manufacture of orthopedic supplies. The thin and flexible foams used in the art of flower making to make artificial flowers are EVA.
These materials are usually marketed as EVA granules in 25kg packages.