Material name: Methanol Chemical formula: CH3OH
Purity: 99/85%
Appearance: Clear and colorless liquid Brand: Shiraz-Zagros-Fanavaran Packing: 220 liter barrels or vouchers

Methanol or wood alcohol, known from the chemical formula CH3OH, is one of the simplest types of alcohol.

Liquid methanol is light, active and fireproof, and is sometimes used as a fuel in engines that have an internal combustion system. Methanol is a renewable source of fuel that can replace crude derivatives. Methanol is used as solvent and antifreeze.

Methanol is absorbed through the skin and has deleterious effects on the eyes. Methanol reacts with chloroform, ethylene zinc, sulfuric chloride and nitric acid. If methanol is decomposed by heat, it produces carbon dioxide and formaldehyde.