nitric acid

Material Name: Nitric Acid
Chemical formula: HNO3
Purity percentage: 53%
Appearance: transparent and colorless liquid
Packing: Remittance
Brand: Shiraz Petrochemical Company

Nitric acid (nitric acid, dye essence or hydrogen nitrate) is a colorless liquid with a very strong acidity. Its chemical formula is HNO3 and is highly oxidising. Combined with combustible materials, types of alcohols or reducing materials and combustible compounds, they generate heat or burn and explode.
Nitric acid is used in numerous chemical processes, organic products and other industrial applications. These include nitrochlorobenzene, cellulose nitrate, nitroparafins, various explosives, uranium processing, and other chemical fertilizers.

Among other uses of this product, nitric acid can be used to purify metals such as gold and platinum. It is also used to dissolve insoluble metals such as silver, which can be used in photography to form silver nitrate. Nitric acid can be used in the recycling of platinum, and since all of the metal nitrates are soluble, it can be used to supply pure uranium that is used in atomic power plants.

Due to its strong corrosion properties, it can dissolve all metals except gold, which is why it is used in gold mining.

This acid is used in the production of ammonium nitrate, which is a type of fertilizer. Nitric acid is used as a reactive agent in the production of paint, medicine, explosives and so on.