ortho xylene

Material Name: Orto Xylene Chemical formula: C6H4 (CH3) 2 Purity: 98%
Appearance: Clear and colorless liquid Brand: Isfahan - Bandar Imam Packing: 220 liter barrels or vouchers

Ortosiline is a clear, flammable liquid with a sweet aromatic odor. It dissolves in water. It can be found in cigarette smoke.

Ortosiline is a commercially important material because it is used in the manufacture of chemicals such as dyes, medicines, insecticides and so on.

One of the areas of use of orthosilane is its use in paints and coatings for home appliances and automobiles.

When exposed to xylene, it can stimulate organs such as the skin, eyes, nose, throat and nervous system.

If stimulated by the nervous system, it can lead to headaches, dizziness, imbalances, forgetfulness, etc. Exposure to large amounts of this substance may also cause respiratory distress, liver, lung and kidney damage.