Propylene glycol

Material Name: Propylene Glycol
Chemical formula: C3H8O2
Grid: Pharmaceutical
Appearance: Colorless liquid Brand: Made in Korea
Type of packing: 220kg barrels

Propylene glycol or monopropylene glycol, also known as MPG, is an organic, transparent, colorless, odorless material.

This substance, which belongs to the family of alcohols, has a sweet taste. Due to the very low toxicity of this compound, it is very common in a wide range of industries, including cosmetics and food production.

One of the interesting uses of propylene glycol is its use in stage design and special effects in theater and performing arts. Using a mixture of this material and IP in evaporators, the steam will form with the appearance of smoke. This can lead to smoke in the scenes where the smoke is odor-free and does not pose a danger to those present.

Among the broad and important applications of this chemical compound are the following:

1) Used as a solvent and softener in the pharmaceutical industry

2) Application of propylene glycol in food industry as stabilizer, solvent, lubricant and stabilizer.

3) Application in manufacturing of paints, resins, coatings, glazes, etc.

4) Use as a moisturizer, emulsifier and moisturizer in cosmetic production.


Repeated skin contact with this substance can cause skin allergies. Propylene glycol can cause serious liver damage if swallowed. Inhalation of this odorant can also cause respiratory problems, so safety is recommended when working with this substance.

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