SBS 411

Article name: SBS (styrene butadiene styrene)
Chemical formula: SBS
Grid: 411
Appearance: Transparent Granule
Brand: LG
Package Type: 20kg bag

Butadiene styrene Styrene is a hard plastic consisting of long styrene and butadiene sequences.
The presence of styrene in this compound strengthens the durability of this material. SBS falls into the category of elastomeric thermoplastic materials (thermoplastic elastomers). These materials behave at room temperature like elastomeric tires, but due to butadiene in this compound, they can be processed like plastics if they are warmed.

SBS is resistant to wear and is not easily degraded by heat, sunlight and chemicals, so it is used in cases where durability of the product is important.
The most important applications of SBS are:

1) Correction of asphalt

2) Manufacture of shoe soles

3) Manufacture of tire tread

4) Preparing toy parts

5) Supply of household appliances such as refrigerator washer and ...

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