Styrene Monomer

Material Name: Styrene Monomer Chemical formula: C8H8
Appearance: Liquid, aromatic aroma Brand: pars petrochemical Packing: 220 liter barrels or vouchers

It is a colorless, aromatic liquid that is mostly used in the processing of polystyrene plastics. It is a flammable liquid that can be used to extinguish water in the form of CO2, chemical powder or foam. If styrene monomers become polymerized, they can cause an explosion hazard to prevent this from being added to the inhibitor material, called styrene monomers, and weekly retention is required if the retention time is longer (more than one month). .

Styrene is found in small quantities in some foods including beans, cinnamon, peanuts and coffee. It is metabolized to styrene oxide in the body which can be toxic, mutagenic or carcinogenic.

Styrene is mainly used in the production of homopolymers and copolymers, including flexible polystyrene (EPS), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

About half of the world's styrene consumption is in the production of polystyrene, the most important of which can be used in the manufacture of containers, packaging, etc.