Butyl glycol

Name of the substance: butyl glycol Chemical formula: C6H14O2
Appearance: Colorless liquid Brand: China
Packing: 180 liter barrels

2 Butoxyethanol or butyl glycol (butyl glycol) is a colorless liquid, and a successful solvent for both the organic phase and the other solubilization phase.

Butyl glycol including glycol ethers can take into account you and solve them with water and hydrophobic solution.

These slides can contain two alcohols and an ether that can be alcohol-dependent in this host, by referring to E and P classes.

The ethylene description title can be found in Group E and in the report with a report titled Proposed.

Commercial applications of butyl glycol:

Fat production


Latex varnish


Fire extinguishers

Hydraulic oil

Material soap

And cosmetics

2-Butoxyethanol (butyl glycol) has a committee position and is also available to you and you can use them to give you more of them.

It can enter the human body through the skin, inhalation or sources of oral energy.

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