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Butyl glycol

Name of the substance: butyl glycol Chemical formula: C6H14O2
Appearance: Colorless liquid Brand: China
Packing: 180 liter barrels

Butyl glycol
What is butyl glycol?
Butyl glycol or 2-butoxyethanol is a colorless, oily and water-soluble liquid that is used as a solvent in various industries.

Butyl glycol is a natural alcohol that is extracted from petroleum.


Properties of butyl glycol
Butyl glycol is a substance with a mild smell, which makes this substance used as a widely used and irreplaceable solvent in many industries, including the manufacture of paints and resins.

This solvent has properties such as high boiling point, low volatility and mild smell. Butyl glycol is soluble in most polar and non-polar solvents due to having an alcohol agent and two ether agents in its composition.

Use in paint and resin industry
Due to its low volatility, butyl glycol can improve the concentration and drying time.

Use in the combination of detergents
Due to its ability to dissolve fats, it is used in most household detergents, including glass cleaners, sprays, soaps, etc.

Production of cosmetics
It is used in cosmetics and health products due to its softening and skin protection properties.

Due to its high auto-ignition point, low freezing point and ignition point similar to diesel, it is also used as a supplement to diesel.
This material is the starting material for the production of butyl glycol acetate.


Butyl glycol should be stored at a temperature below 40 degrees Celsius and in a dry and moisture-free environment. Considering that as soon as the main compartment of butyl glycol is opened, it reacts with air humidity and produces peroxides. Therefore, it is recommended to transfer the product quickly.


Butyl glycol causes inflammation and burning in the skin and eyes, as well as sensitivity in the respiratory system. Swallowing this substance can cause symptoms such as headache, dizziness and nausea.

Considering all the complications mentioned above, it is recommended to avoid long-term proximity with butyl glycol and to use safety equipment during contact with this substance.


Buy butyl glycol
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