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Light Sodium Carbonate

Material Name: Light Sodium Carbonate Chemical formula: Na2CO3
Purity: 98%
Appearance: White powder Brand: Maragheh, Semnan, Shiraz Packing: 25 kg bag

What is light sodium carbonate?
Sodium carbonate or soda can be seen in two forms, light and heavy, each of which has the same molecular weight and produces a solution with the same pH as a result of dissolution in water.
Light sodium carbonate is usually seen as a white powdery solid. The difference between heavy and light forms of soda is in the density and size of the crystals, but they do not differ in other physical and chemical properties.
The production process of light sodium carbonate is generally done in two ways:
1. From sodium carbonate and hydrogen carbonate ores
2. From salt (sodium chloride) and calcium carbonate.

Light sodium carbonate contains less than 0.5% of sodium chloride and has emulsifying properties that make it used in detergents to clean and remove grease and oil stains.
Due to its unique physical and chemical properties, light sodium carbonate is used in a wide range of industries, the most important of which are the following:
1. Production of detergents: the most use of soda ash is in the production of detergents, so that the biggest customers for buying this substance are manufacturers of detergents and hygiene products. Emulsifying properties and removing grease and oil stains, as well as softening hard water and better dissolution of detergents are the reasons for this.

2. Use in shampoo production: Due to its pH regulation and buffering properties, this substance is used in the production of shampoos.

3. Toothpaste production

4. Paper production: It is used as a pH regulator in paper production.

5. Water softening: Considering that sodium carbonate removes calcium and magnesium ions, it can reduce the hardness of water.


Light sodium carbonate should be stored in dry and cool environments and away from moisture.
Also, the proximity of this compound with acidic and combustible materials should be avoided. In case of contact with air, this substance loses its powdery state and becomes lumpy.
It is recommended to keep light sodium carbonate away from materials such as aluminum, acids, fluorine, lithium, etc. to prevent these materials from reacting with soda.

There is a possibility of some skin and eye allergies while working with this material. In case of dispersion of sodium carbonate dust particles, respiratory sensitivity may occur.

Light sodium carbonate is produced in 50 kg packages by Maragheh, Semnan and Firozabad petrochemicals. Dear producers, you can contact Shimi Paul's chemical sales unit at phone number 02188616245 to inquire about the stock, price and purchase of this product.