polystyrene 1551

Material Name: Polystyrene
Chemical formula: GPPS
Grid: 1551
Appearance: Transparent Granule
Brand: Takhte Jamshid
Package Type: 25kg bags

Polystyrene 1551
What is polystyrene 1551?
Polystyrene is one of the most widely used polymers in various industries, which consists of styrene monomer units. Chemically, polystyrene is a long-chain hydrocarbon known by the chemical formula C8H8.

Polystyrene has properties such as good heat resistance, processability, transparency, electrical properties, high strength, resistance to the sun's ultraviolet rays, etc.
The mentioned features make this polymer suitable in every way and find many uses in various industries, including the production of containers and plastic parts.
Applications of PS 1551
Polystyrene is used to produce household appliances, office supplies, containers, tanks, toys, etc. Good processability makes it widely used.

Polystyrene is usually stored at room temperature and away from sources of ignition. It is also recommended to keep this polymer away from strong oxidizing substances, sunlight, etc. and in closed tanks.

It is recommended to work with this material using full safety equipment to prevent inhalation of dust and fumes.

Buy polystyrene 1551
Polystyrene 1551, which is produced by Tabriz Petrochemical Company, can be supplied by Shimi Paul Company.