PP 552R

Material Name: Textile Polypropylene
Chemical formula: PP-552R
Grid: 552R
Appearance: Transparent Granule
Brand: Jam
Package Type: 25kg bags

Polypropylene, also known as polypropylene, is a thermoplastic. Propylene is used in industries such as textile packaging and labeling, stationery, recyclable plastic and glassware, laboratory equipment, etc. This is called cp.
Polypropylene has some advantages over other polymers, including:

1) The cheaper price of propylene than other monomers

2) Lighter weight and lighter polypropylene

3) Lower cost of polypropylene than other polymers

4) Flexibility and wide application of PPC in industries

5) Replacement of polymers such as polystyrene, polyethylene and ... with polypropylene.